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“ My art improves mood and well-being. Secret combination of light, shapes & colours create atmosphere like you are in nature." - Marí Koval
Did you know that global companies utilise art to attain goals?
Right combination of colours and shapes stimulates different parts of our brains, thereby help us to attain desirable results. What Marí Koval Art could help you with at your office & home?

  • elevate productivity
  • boost creativity
  • shape company image
  • enhancing values and morals
  • form culture and employee appreciation
  • create a space to respite, exhale and restart
How it works
Comprehending your goals, preferences and desirable results.
Diving into exploration and research to form a concept & design.
Turning a vision into reality
at your space.
Grand opening,
Article, blog, interview,
Promotion on SoMe,
Paint & sip eve,
Art series exhibition.

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Marí Koval
artist, muralist & illustrator
Marí creates sustainable art for companies and private clients. Marí conveys emotions and transmits feelings through artworks to form authentic atmosphere for every space and client.

She holds Master of Art and Graphic Design graduated with honor, Business & Finance degree. Her experience in Marketing and Business Development ranges from start ups to global companies. She has a Founder's vision when it comes to projects.

This combination along with natural curiosity and love for groundbreaking approaches make Marí Koval one of a kind artist.
Would you like
your place to be a sanctuary for creative ideas?
uplift productivity in an organic way?
reduce stress and long-last joy?

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